SU(2)-k {WZW} and $Z^-$k Parafermion Models on the Torus

  title={SU(2)-k \{WZW\} and \$Z^-\$k Parafermion Models on the Torus},
  author={T. Jayaraman and K. Narain and M. H. Sarmadi},
  journal={Nuclear Physics},
Abstract We study SU(2) k WZW and Z k parafermion models using a Coulomb-gas formulation related to that of Wakimoto and Zamolodchikov. We discuss the truncation of the Fock modules of the free bosons of the Coulomb-gas system to obtain the parafermion and SU(2) k modules. Explicit expressions are given for the correlators of these models on the torus. A detailed discussion of their modular transformation and their monodromy is also given, the complications being due to the restrictions on the… Expand