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SU($N$) Toric Code and Nonabelian Anyons

  title={SU(\$N\$) Toric Code and Nonabelian Anyons},
  author={Manu Mathur and Atul Rathor},
We construct SU(N) toric code model describing the dynamics of SU(N) electric and magnetic fluxes on a two dimensional torus. We show that the model has N topologically distinct ground states |ψ0〉(p,q) which are loop states characterized by ZN ⊗ ZN centre charges (p, q = 0, 1, 2, · · · , N − 1). We explicitly construct them in terms of coherent superpositions of all possible spin network states on torus with Wigner coefficients as their amplitudes. All excited quasiparticle states with SU(N… 

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