STUDY OF THE NEUTRON REACTIONS Li$sup 6$(n,/cap alpha/)H$sup 3$, F$sup 19$(n,$gamma$)F$sup 20$ AND I$sup 127$(n,$gamma$)I$sup 12$$sup 8$

  title={STUDY OF THE NEUTRON REACTIONS Li\$sup 6\$(n,/cap alpha/)H\$sup 3\$, F\$sup 19\$(n,\$gamma\$)F\$sup 20\$ AND I\$sup 127\$(n,\$gamma\$)I\$sup 12\$\$sup 8\$},
  author={Fletcher Gabbard and Robert H. Davis and T. W. Bonner},
The reactions Li/sup 6/(n, alpha )H/sup 3/, F/sup 19/(n, gamma )F/sup 20/ , and I/sup were studied using scintillating crystals both as targets and as detectors. The neutrons were produced by the termination of the Li/sup 7/(p,n)Be/ sup 7/ differential cross section was made in the proton energy range 1.9 to 3.0 Mev at 0 deg and the cross section observed at 2.27 Mev was 154 mb. Cross sections for this reaction were determined at 120 deg for proton energies below 2.4 Mev and at 60 deg for… CONTINUE READING