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www.johronline.com 10 | P a g e For Correspondence: sonalkarpeATyahoo.co.in Received on: August 2014 Accepted after revision: August 2014 Downloaded from: www.johronline.com Introduction: The anaerobic threshold (AT), also known as the lactate threshold, lactic acid threshold, gas exchange threshold, or ventilatory threshold, is considered an estimator of the onset of metabolic acidosis caused predominantly by the increased rate of rise of arterial lactate during Abstract Introduction: The… 



Determination of anaerobic threshold for assessment of functional state in patients with chronic heart failure.

The use of anaerobic threshold in assessment of aerobic capacity was evaluated in 34 normal subjects and 47 patients with various kinds of chronic heart disease. Anaerobic threshold was determined as

Metabolic acidosis during exercise in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Use of the V-slope method for anaerobic threshold determination.

The V-slope gas exchange method may be useful in selecting those patients with COPD who develop exercise metabolic acidosis and might therefore benefit from exercise training.

The influence of weight loss on anaerobic threshold in obese women.

Results showed that adolescent young female gymnasts have an altered serum inflammatory markers and endothelial activation, compared to their less physically active peers and physical activities improved immune system.

Non-invasive prediction of blood lactate response to constant power outputs from incremental exercise tests

The ability of gas exchange analyses during incremental exercise tests (IXT) to predict blood lactate levels associated with a range of constant power output cycle ergometer tests was determined, and this relationship was not significantly affected by training.

Clinical exercise testing with reference to lung diseases: indications, standardization and interpretation strategies. ERS Task Force on Standardization of Clinical Exercise Testing. European Respiratory Society.

The present European Respiratory Society (ERS) position document reflects the views on the topic shared by the members of the Task Force and can be either read as a whole or used alone, as a frame of reference to clarify specific points of the document.

Clinical Exercise Testing

Aerobic Threshold for Exercise Prescription

In sedentary the AerT measure seems to give additional information in evaluating the cardiovascular performance, however for Aer T value appears to be not significantly inferior respect of this one, with the exclusion of the comparison with the cyclists.

Comparison of gas exchange, lactate, and lactic acidosis thresholds in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

It is concluded that when lactic acidosis occurs after the first 2 min of incremental exercise, the GET closely approximates the point at which blood bicarbonate begins to fall.

A comparison of methodologies in detection of the anaerobic threshold.

Results indicate that a good positive correlation exists between the gas exchange and lactate data by all three approaches, and the chosen fixed values yield the highest threshold detection for both ATge and LaT.