author={Eivind Otto Hjelle and Alexander Schmeding},
  journal={arXiv: General Topology},
In this article we study two "strong" topologies for spaces of smooth functions from a finite-dimensional manifold to a (possibly infinite-dimensional) manifold modeled on a locally convex space. Namely, we construct Whitney type topologies for these spaces and a certain refinement corresponding to Michor's $\mathcal{FD}$-topology. Then we establish the continuity of certain mappings between spaces of smooth mappings, e.g.\ the continuity of the joint composition map. As a first application we… Expand
Extending Whitney's extension theorem: nonlinear function spaces
This article shows that there is a continuous extension operator for compactly-supported smooth sections of vector bundles on possibly non-compact smooth manifolds, where the closed set to whichExpand
A differentiable monoid of smooth maps on Lie groupoids
In this article we investigate a monoid of smooth mappings on the space of arrows of a Lie groupoid and its group of units. The group of units turns out to be an infinite-dimensional Lie group whichExpand
Linking Lie groupoid representations and representations of infinite-dimensional Lie groups
The present paper links the representation theory of Lie groupoids and infinite-dimensional Lie groups. We show that smooth representations of Lie groupoids give rise to smooth representations ofExpand
Lie groupoids of mappings taking values in a Lie groupoid
Endowing differentiable functions from a compact manifold to a Lie group with the pointwise group operations one obtains the so-called current groups and, as a special case, loop groups. These areExpand
Lie rackoids integrating Courant algebroids
We construct an infinite-dimensional Lie rackoid Y which hosts an integration of the standard Courant algebroid. As a set, $$Y={{\mathcal {C}}}^{\infty }([0,1],T^*M)$$ Y = C ∞ ( [ 0 , 1 ] , T ∗ M )Expand
The Lie group of vertical bisections of a regular Lie groupoid
Abstract In this note we construct an infinite-dimensional Lie group structure on the group of vertical bisections of a regular Lie groupoid. We then identify the Lie algebra of this group andExpand
Smoothing operators for vector-valued functions and extension operators
Let Ω ⊆ R be open and l ∈ N0 ∪ {∞}. Given a locally convex topological vector space F , endow C(Ω, F ) with the compact-open Ctopology. For l < ∞, we describe a sequence (Sn)n∈N of continuous linearExpand
Completeness of Infinite-dimensional Lie Groups in Their Left Uniformity
Abstract We prove completeness for the main examples of infinite-dimensional Lie groups and some related topological groups. Consider a sequence $G_{1}\subseteq G_{2}\subseteq \cdots \,$ ofExpand
Convergence of Lie group integrators
It is proved for the first time that the Lie–Butcher theory of Lie group integrators leads to global error estimates from local bounds on Riemannian homogeneous spaces. Expand
1 6 A ug 2 01 8 Convergence of Lie group integrators
We relate two notions of local error for integration schemes on Riemannian homogeneous spaces, and show how to derive global error estimates from such local bounds. In doing so, we prove for theExpand


Infinite-dimensional Lie groups without completeness restrictions
We describe a setting of infinite-dimensional smooth (resp., analytic) Lie groups modelled on arbitrary, not necessarily sequentially complete, locally convex spaces, generalizing the framework ofExpand
Discontinuous non-linear mappings on locally convex direct limits
We show that the self-map f : C∞ c (R) → C ∞ c (R), f(γ) := γ ◦ γ − γ(0) of the space of real-valued test functions on the line is discontinuous, although its restriction to the space C∞ K (R) ofExpand
Lie groups over non-discrete topological fields
We generalize the classical construction principles of infinite-dimensional real (and complex) Lie groups to the case of Lie groups over non-discrete topological fields. In particular, we discussExpand
Yet More Smooth Mapping Spaces and Their Smoothly Local Properties
Motivated by the definition of the smooth manifold structure on a suitable mapping space, we consider the general problem of how to transfer local properties from a smooth space to an associatedExpand
Topological Vector Spaces
Preface In the notion of a topological vector space, there is a very nice interplay between the algebraic structure of a vector space and a topology on the space, basically so that the vector spaceExpand
Topological Vector Spaces
This chapter presents the most basic results on topological vector spaces. With the exception of the last section, the scalar field over which vector spaces are defined can be an arbitrary,Expand
Re)constructing Lie groupoids from their bisections and applications to prequantisation
This paper is about the relation of the geometry of Lie groupoids over a fixed compact manifold and the geometry of their (infinite-dimensional) bisection Lie groups. In the first part of the paperExpand
Towards a Lie theory of locally convex groups
Abstract.In this survey, we report on the state of the art of some of the fundamental problems in the Lie theory of Lie groups modeled on locally convex spaces, such as integrability of Lie algebras,Expand
in Topological Spaces
1. Definition of a topological space Definition 1.1. A topology T on a set X is a collection of subsets of X subject to the following three rules, called the axioms of a topology: 1. The empty set ∅Expand
The Convenient Setting of Global Analysis
Introduction Calculus of smooth mappings Calculus of holomorphic and real analytic mappings Partitions of unity Smoothly realcompact spaces Extensions and liftings of mappings Infinite dimensionalExpand