STRIDES : a 3.9 per cent measurement of the Hubble constant from the strong lens system DES J0408−5354

  title={STRIDES : a 3.9 per cent measurement of the Hubble constant from the strong lens system DES J0408−5354},
  author={A. Shajib and S. Birrer and T. Treu and A. Agnello and E. Buckley-Geer and J. Chan and L. Christensen and C. Lemon and H. Lin and M. Millon and J. Poh and C. Rusu and D. Sluse and C. Spiniello and G. C. Chen and T. Collett and F. Courbin and C. Fassnacht and J. Frieman and {\'A}. Gal{\'a}n and D. Gilman and A. More and T. Anguita and M. Auger and V. Bonvin and R. Mcmahon and G. Meylan and K. C. Wong and T. Abbott and J. Annis and S. Avila and K. Bechtol and D. Brooks and D. Brout and D. Burke and A. C. Rosell and M. Kind and J. Carretero and F. Castander and M. Costanzi and L. Costa and J. Vicente and S. Desai and J. P. Dietrich and P. Doel and A. Drlica-Wagner and A. E. Evrard and D. Finley and B. Flaugher and P. Fosalba and J. Garc'ia-Bellido and D. Gerdes and D. Gruen and R. A. Gruendl and J. Gschwend and G. Guti{\'e}rrez and D. Hollowood and K. Honscheid and D. Huterer and D. James and T. Jeltema and E. Krause and N. Kuropatkin and T. Li and M. Lima and N. MacCrann and M. Maia and J. Marshall and P. Melchior and R. Miquel and R. Ogando and A. Palmese and F. Paz-Chinch'on and A. Plazas and A. Romer and A. Roodman and M. Sako and E. S{\'a}nchez and B. Santiago and V. Scarpine and M. Schubnell and D. Scolnic and S. Serrano and I. Sevilla-Noarbe and M. Smith and M. Soares-santos and E. Suchyta and G. Tarl'e and D. Thomas and A. Walker and Y. Zhang},
  journal={Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society},
  • A. Shajib, S. Birrer, +88 authors Y. Zhang
  • Published 2020
  • Physics
  • Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
  • We present a blind time-delay cosmographic analysis for the lens system DES J0408$-$5354. This system is extraordinary for the presence of two sets of multiple images at different redshifts, which provide the opportunity to obtain more information at the cost of increased modelling complexity with respect to previously analyzed systems. We perform detailed modelling of the mass distribution for this lens system using three band Hubble Space Telescope imaging. We combine the measured time delays… CONTINUE READING
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