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STREAMLINE - Streamlined Analysis of Data at Rest and Data in Motion

  title={STREAMLINE - Streamlined Analysis of Data at Rest and Data in Motion},
  author={Philipp Marian Grulich and Tilmann Rabl and Volker Markl and Csaba Istv{\'a}n Sidl{\'o} and Andr{\'a}s A. Bencz{\'u}r},
  booktitle={EDBT/ICDT Workshops},
STREAMLINE aims for improving the overall workflow of big data analytics systems. For this goal, it combines research in different areas to reduce the complexity of the work with data at rest and data in motion in a unified fashion. As a foundation STREAMLINE offers a uniform programming model on top of Apache Flink, for which it drives innovations in a wide range of areas, such as interactive data in motion visualization and advanced window aggregation techniques. 


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