STM studies on the reconstruction of the Ni2P (101̅0) surface

  title={STM studies on the reconstruction of the Ni2P (101̅0) surface},
  author={Donghui Guo and Yosuke Nakagawa and Hiroko Ariga and Satoshi Suzuki and Kumiko Kinoshita and Takeshi Miyamoto and Satoru Takakusagi and Kiyotaka Asakura and Shigeki Otani and Shigeo Ted Oyama},
Abstract The surface structure of Ni 2 P (1010), a model for highly active hydrodesulfurization catalysts, was studied using scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and low energy electron diffraction (LEED) in order to understand the reconstruction of the surface layers. Annealing at 573 K revealed a (1 × 1) LEED pattern which changed to a c(2 × 4) arrangement by further heating to 723 K. Atomic scale STM images were obtained for both the (1 × 1) and c(2 × 4) structures. Bright spots observed in… CONTINUE READING