• Engineering
  • Published 2002

STI-CMP공정에서 표면특성에 미치는 패턴구조 및 슬러리 종류의 효과

  title={STI-CMP공정에서 표면특성에 미치는 패턴구조 및 슬러리 종류의 효과},
  author={이훈 and 임대순 and 이상익},
Recently, STI(Shallow Trench Isolation) process has attracted attention for high density of semiconductor device as a essential isolation technology. In this paper, the effect of pattern density, trench width and selectivity of slurry on dishing in STI CMP process was investigated by using specially designed isolation pattern. As trench width increased, the dishing tends to increase. At 20㎛ pattern size, the dishing was decreased with increasing pattern density. Low selectivity slurry shows… CONTINUE READING