STED nanoscopy: a glimpse into the future

  title={STED nanoscopy: a glimpse into the future},
  author={Paolo Bianchini and Chiara Peres and Michele Oneto and Silvia Galiani and Giuseppe Vicidomini and Alberto Diaspro},
  booktitle={Cell and Tissue Research},
The well-known saying of “Seeing is believing” became even more apt in biology when stimulated emission depletion (STED) nanoscopy was introduced in 1994 by the Nobel laureate S. Hell and coworkers. We presently stand at a juncture. Nanoscopy represented a revolution in fluorescence microscopy but now is a mature technique applied to many branches of biology, physics, chemistry, and materials science. We are currently looking ahead to the next generation of optical nanoscopes, to the new key… CONTINUE READING

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