author={Julio Oliva and David Tempo and Ricardo Troncoso},
  journal={International Journal of Modern Physics A},
A static spherically symmetric wormhole solution for conformal gravity in vacuum is found. The solution possesses a single integration constant which determines the size of the neck connecting two static homogeneous universes of constant spatial curvature. Time runs at different rates on each side of the neck, and depending on the value of the parameter, the wormhole can develop a cosmological horizon only at one side. It is shown that the wormholes correspond to the matching of different… 

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The tetralogy of Birkhoff theorems

  • H. Schmidt
  • Mathematics
    General Relativity and Gravitation
  • 2012
We classify the existent Birkhoff-type theorems into four classes: first, in field theory, the theorem states the absence of helicity 0- and spin 0-parts of the gravitational field. Second, in

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Preface Acknowledgments I. Background: 1. Introduction 2. General Relativity 3. Quantum Field Theory 4. Units and Natural Scales II. History: 5. The Einstein-Rosen Bridge 6. Spacetime Foam 7. The

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The general scale-invariant Lagrangian, -(1/4) ..integral.. d/sup 4/x(-g)/sup 1/2/(..cap alpha..C/sup munulambdasigma/C/sub munulambda/ /sub sigma/+..beta..R/sup 2/), with ..cap alpha beta..> or =0,

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