STAT1 acts as a tumor promoter for leukemia development.

  title={STAT1 acts as a tumor promoter for leukemia development.},
  author={Boris Kovacic and Dagmar Stoiber and Richard Moriggl and Eva Weisz and Rene Georg Ott and Rita Kreibich and David E. Levy and Hartmut Beug and Michael Freissmuth and Veronika Sexl},
  journal={Cancer cell},
  volume={10 1},
The tumor suppressor STAT1 is considered a key regulator of the surveillance of developing tumors. Here, we describe an unexpected tumor-promoting role for STAT1 in leukemia. STAT1(-/-) mice are partially protected from leukemia development, and STAT1(-/-) tumor cells induce leukemia in RAG2(-/-) and immunocompetent mice with increased latency. The low MHC class I protein levels of STAT1(-/-) tumor cells enable efficient NK cell lysis and account for the enhanced tumor clearance. Strikingly… CONTINUE READING

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