SSLPV: Subsurface Light Propagation Volumes

  title={SSLPV: Subsurface Light Propagation Volumes},
  author={Jesper B\orlum and Brian Bunch Christensen and Thomas Kim Kjeldsen and Peter Trier Mikkelsen and Karsten O. Noe and Jens Rimestad and Jesper Mosegaard},
  booktitle={High Performance Graphics},
This paper presents the Subsurface Light Propagation Volume (SSLPV) method for real-time approximation of subsurface scattering effects in dynamic scenes with changing mesh topology and lighting. SSLPV extends the Light Propagation Volume (LPV) technique for indirect illumination in video games. We introduce a new consistent method for injecting flux from point light sources into an LPV grid, a new rendering method which consistently converts light intensity stored in an LPV grid into incident… CONTINUE READING