SSD1 is integral to host defense peptide resistance in Candida albicans.

  title={SSD1 is integral to host defense peptide resistance in Candida albicans.},
  author={Kimberly D Gank and Michael R Yeaman and Satoshi Kojima and Nannette Y Yount and Hyunsook Park and John E. Edwards and Scott G. Filler and Yue Fu},
  journal={Eukaryotic cell},
  volume={7 8},
Candida albicans is usually a harmless human commensal. Because inflammatory responses are not normally induced by colonization, antimicrobial peptides are likely integral to first-line host defense against invasive candidiasis. Thus, C. albicans must have mechanisms to tolerate or circumvent molecular effectors of innate immunity and thereby colonize human tissues. Prior studies demonstrated that an antimicrobial peptide-resistant strain of C. albicans, 36082(R), is hypervirulent in animal… CONTINUE READING
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