SSC phenomenology of the 331 model of flavor

  title={SSC phenomenology of the 331 model of flavor},
  author={P. Frampton and J. Liu and D. Ng and B. C. Rasco},
The 331 model offers an explanation of flavor by anomaly cancellation between three families. It predicts three exotic quarks, $Q=D$, $S$, $T$, and five extra gauge bosons comprising an additional neutral $Z_2$ and four charged dileptonic gauge bosons $(Y^{--},Y^-)$, $(Y^{++},Y^+)$. Production of $Q\overline{Q}$, $QY$, $YY$ and $Z_2$ at the SSC is calculated, and signatures are discussed. 
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The Electroweak Theory of SU(3) × U(1)
  • TRIUMF preprint TRI-PP-92-125
  • 1992