SSB diffusion on single stranded DNA stimulates RecA filament formation

  title={SSB diffusion on single stranded DNA stimulates RecA filament formation},
  author={Rahul Roy and Alexander G. Kozlov and Timothy M. Lohman and Taekjip Ha},
Single-stranded DNA generated in the cell during DNA metabolism is stabilized and protected by binding of ssDNA-binding (SSB) proteins. Escherichia coli SSB, a representative homotetrameric SSB, binds to ssDNA by wrapping the DNA using its four subunits. However, such a tightly wrapped, high-affinity protein–DNA complex still needs to be removed or repositioned quickly for unhindered action of other proteins. Here we show, using single-molecule two- and three-colour fluorescence resonance… CONTINUE READING
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SSB targets repair DNA helicases to active forks

  • Lecointe, F. et al. Anticipating chromosomal replication fork arrest
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