SRVX, a sex reversing locus in Xp21.2→p22.11

  title={SRVX, a sex reversing locus in Xp21.2→p22.11},
  author={Pamela H. Arn and Harold Chen and Cathy M. Tuck-Muller and Carl B. Mankinen and Gwendolyn Wachtel and Shibo Li and Chen-yang Shen and Stephen S. Wachtel},
  journal={Human Genetics},
Duplication within Xp21 causes female or intersexual development in human embryos with an XY chromosome complement. We have mapped the responsible gene, SRVX (sex reversal X), in XY-sex-reversed maternal half siblings who had inherited the duplication from their mother. The limited size of the duplication in our cases, relative to its extent in other… CONTINUE READING