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Sponsorship of sports, arts, and causes has become a mainstream marketing communications tool. A great deal of fieldwork has attempted to gauge the relative effectiveness of sponsorship in a marketing context, but these weakly controlled field studies contribute little to our understanding of how individuals process sponsorship-linked marketing communications. By considering possible underlying information-processing mechanics, individual- and group-level factors, market factors, and management… 
Understanding Sponsorship: A Consumer-Centric Model of Sponsorship Effects
A crucial component of many marketing programs, sponsorship has not always received the same research attention as other tactical marketing levers. Although research has been conducted to fill that
Less “Sponsorship As Advertising” and More Sponsorship-Linked Marketing As Authentic Engagement
Sponsorship is an established marketing communications platform that takes many forms. In terms of objectives and measurement, sponsorship has functioned like advertising for decades. The current
State of Art and Science in Sponsorship-Linked Marketing
This is a stock-taking paper in the area of sponsorship-linked marketing. First offered is a summary of the development of sponsorship as a mainstay of marketing communications. Arguments for the
Sponsorship-linked marketing: research surpluses and shortages
This systematic review of sponsorship-linked marketing from 1996 to 2017 analyzes the current state of research. The overarching conclusion is that there is a surplus of research that examines
The Effective Communication of Attributes in Sport-Sponsorship Branding
This article examines the state of sponsorship marketing and its correlation with branding-measurement models deemed most salient by corporations. Academic literature including sponsorship-value
Exploring the Usefulness of a Consumer Activity Index in the Sponsorship-Linked Marketing Context
Despite the now well developed use of sponsorship linked marketing, there have been few methodological advances in the measurement of sponsorship constructs and outcomes. This paper offers a
Modeling the Effects of Sponsorship-Linked Marketing: When Does Memory Matter?
ABSTRACT The current study examined the mediating and moderating roles of sponsorship-linked marketing on the relationships among cognitive, affective, and behavioral sponsor evaluations. A panel of
Consumers' orientation toward sport: Does it matter for sponsors?
Sports sponsorship has developed as a prolific research stream, with many authors examining sponsor-property relationships and the influence of various consumer and sport-related factors on
Sponsorship Linked Internal Marketing (SLIM): A Strategic Platform for Employee Engagement and Business Performance
This paper advances our understanding of sponsorship linked internal marketing (SLIM). Based on a comprehensive qualitative investigation of major sponsors, this research examines the use of
Risky business: An investigation of sponsorship marketing risk
This paper examines the characteristics of sponsorship risk in order to better understand the potential pitfalls that may arise for firms contemplating sponsorship-linked marketing. A content


Exploring Managers' Perceptions of the Impact of Sponsorship on Brand Equity
Abstract Sponsorship of sporting and other events has become an increasingly popular marketing communications vehicle. However, little research has investigated how sponsorship participation is
An International Review of Sponsorship Research
Abstract Corporate sponsorship of sports, arts, and cultural events has increased dramatically over the past decade. Still, academic research on sponsorship as a promotional tool has been sparse. The
Determinants of sports sponsorship response
Despite the growing role of sponsorship in the marketing activities of firms worldwide, academic research in this area has been limited. Adopting a classical conditioning framework, this research
Sponsorship: An Important Component of the Promotions Mix
Abstract Four surveys were conducted to investigate sponsorships from the perspectives of all participants in the sponsorship system. Respondents were drawn from the following populations: 1)
The Value of Winning in Motorsports: Sponsorship-linked Marketing
ABSTRACT Corporate sponsorship of events, especially sports, has become a commonplace marketing communications tool. Still at question in sponsorship-linked marketing programs is the economic value
Sponsorship and image: a replication and extension
Several researchers have indicated that corporate sponsorship of sport enhances corporate image. While these researchers have allowed individually for different factors that might impact on such a
Building Brand Image Through Event Sponsorship: The Role of Image Transfer
Abstract Past sponsorship research has primarily focused on awareness building strategies, and has virtually ignored brand image issues. As a result, little guidance is available for firms that seek
An investigation of match‐up effects in sport sponsorship advertising: The implications of consumer advertising schemas
Statistics show that sponsorship of sports and other events is one of the fastest growing areas of promotion (Ukman, 1995), but the importance of this persuasion strategy is not reflected in the
Attitudinal Effects of Combined Sponsorship and Sponsor's Prominence on Basketball in Europe
ABSTRACT The authors report on an experimental study to examine the effects (broad measures of attitude to two brands)) of two types of sponsorship activity - on-site sponsorship and TV sponsorship
The Influence of Social Alliances with Sports Teams on Intentions to Purchase Corporate Sponsors' Products
Abstract Sponsorship has become an increasingly popular form of marketing communications, yet little is known about what might influence consumers' intentions to purchase a sponsor's products. The