SPICE assisted simulation of controlled electric drives: an application to switched reluctance drives

  title={SPICE assisted simulation of controlled electric drives: an application to switched reluctance drives},
  author={Giovanni Franceschini and S. Pirani and Maria Michela Rinaldi and C. Tassoni},
  journal={Conference Record of the IEEE Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting,},
  pages={544-550 vol.1}
An example of the simulation of a closed loop controlled electric drive that shows the feasibility of simulating this equipment by means of a general purpose electronic circuit analysis program is described. A SPICE program is used owing to its well-known facility for simulating electronic circuits. Its application to the control of a switched reluctance drive is presented. A way to extend SPICE to the simulation of the electromechanical energy conversion and the drive control is also presented… CONTINUE READING


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