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SPHERE+: Imaging young Jupiters down to the snowline

  title={SPHERE+: Imaging young Jupiters down to the snowline},
  author={Anthony Boccaletti and Georges Chauvin and David Mouillet and Olivier Absil and Fannie Allard and Simone Antoniucci and J. Augereau and Pablo Barge and Andrea Baruffolo and J. L. Baudino and Pierre Baudoz and M. Beaulieu and Myriam Benisty and J-L. Beuzit and A. Bianco and B. Biller and B. Bonavita and Myl{\`e}ne Bonnefoy and S. Bos and J.-C. Bouret and Wolfgang Brandner and N. Buchschache and Benoit Carry and Faustine Cantalloube and E. Cascone and Agn{\`e}s Carlotti and B{\'e}reng{\`e}re Charnay and Antonio Chiavassa and {\'E}lodie Choquet and Yann Cl'enet and Aur{\'e}lien Crida and J. De Boer and Vincenzo De Caprio and Silvano Desidera and J.-M. D'esert and J.-B. Delisle and Patrick Delorme and Kjetil Dohlen and Davis Doelman and Christophe Dominik and Valeria Orazi and Catherine Dougados and S. Doute and Dante Fedele and Michael Feldt and Ferm{\'i}n Ferreira and C. Fontanive and Thierry Fusco and Raph{\"a}el Galicher and Antonio Garufi and Eric Gendron and Adriano Ghedina and Ch. Ginski and Jf Gonz{\'a}lez and Damien Gratadour and Roxanne Gratton and Tristan Guillot and S. Haffert and Janis Hagelberg and Tilo Henning and Elsa Huby and Marilin Janson and I. Kamp and C. Keller and Matt Kenworthy and P. Kervella and Quentin Kral and J Kuhn and E. Lagadec and Guillaume Laibe and M. Langlois and A Lagrange and Ralf Launhardt and Lucie Leboulleux and Herve Le Coroller and Gianluca Li Causi and M. Loupias and A. Le Maire and G.-D. Marleau and Frantz Martinache and P. Mart{\'i}nez and Danielle Mary and Michael Mattioli and J. Mazoyer and Heloise Meheut and F. M{\'e}nard and D{\'e}bora Mesa and Nicolas Meunier and Yisel Miguel and Jessica Milli and Mi-Sook Min and P. Molli{\`e}re and Carlo Mordasini and Guido Moretto and Laura Mugnier and Giuseppe Arena and Nicolas Nardetto and Marc-arthur Diaye and Nicole Nesvadba and Fernando Pedichini and P. Pinilla and Elaine Por and A. Potier and S. Quanz and Jean-Philippe Rameau and Ronald Roelfsema and Daniel Rouan and Elisabetta Rigliaco and Bernardo Salasnich and Markus Samland and J. Sauvage and H.-M. Schmid and Damien S{\'e}gransan and I. Snellen and Frans Snik and Ferr{\'e}ol Soulez and Emil Stadler and Daniele Stam and M. Tallon and Patricia Th{\'e}bault and Etienne Thiebaut and Christian Tschudi and Stephen Udry and R. van Holstein and Pierre Vernazza and F. Vidal and Aurore Vigan and Rob Waters and François Wildi and Margaret Willson and Antonio Zanutta and Annie Zavagno and Alfredo Zurlo},
  journal={arXiv: Earth and Planetary Astrophysics},
  • Anthony Boccaletti, Georges Chauvin, +130 authors Alfredo Zurlo
  • Published 2020
  • Physics
  • arXiv: Earth and Planetary Astrophysics
  • SPHERE (Beuzit et al,. 2019) has now been in operation at the VLT for more than 5 years, demonstrating a high level of performance. SPHERE has produced outstanding results using a variety of operating modes, primarily in the field of direct imaging of exoplanetary systems, focusing on exoplanets as point sources and circumstellar disks as extended objects. The achievements obtained thus far with SPHERE (~200 refereed publications) in different areas (exoplanets, disks, solar system, stellar… CONTINUE READING


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