SPER junction optimisation in 45 nm CMOS devices

  title={SPER junction optimisation in 45 nm CMOS devices},
  author={Richard Dale Lindsay and S. Severi and B. Pawlak and Kathleen Henson and A. Lauwers and Xavier Pag{\`e}s and Celestina Satriano and R. C. Surdeanu and Horst Lendzian and Karen Maex},
  journal={The Fourth International Workshop on Junction Technology, 2004. IWJT '04.},
Ultra-shallow junction formation by solid phase epitaxial regrowth (SPER) has been shown to produce excellent junction profiles beyond that of conventional spike annealing. However residual damage can degrade various aspects of the transistor performance, annihilating any:improvement due to the junction profile. In this work we look at optimizing the junction and channel conditions to meet the dopant profile and transistor requirements for the 45 nm CMOS node. We show how an optimised junction… CONTINUE READING