SPECTER: neutron damage calculations for materials irradiations

  title={SPECTER: neutron damage calculations for materials irradiations},
  author={Lawrence R. Greenwood and Robert K. Smither},
Neutron displacement damage-energy cross sections have been calculated for 41 isotopes in the energy range from 10/sup -10/ to 20 MeV. Calculations were performed on a 100-point energy grid using nuclear cross sections from ENDF/B-V and the DISCS computer code. Elastic scattering is treated exactly including angular distributions from ENDF/B-V. Inelastic scattering calculations consider both discrete and continuous nuclear level distributions. Multiple (n,xn) reactions use a Monte Carlo… 

Calculation of Radiation Damage in SLAC Targets

Ti-6Al-4V alloys are being considered as a positron producing target in the Next Linear Collider, with an incident photon beam and operating temperatures between room temperature and 300 C.

A Monte Carlo Code for Radiation Damage by Neutrons

Abstract A Monte Carlo code is developed in Visual Basic 6.0 for the study of radiation damage of pure metals irradiated by a neutron spectrum. At energies <10 MeV, development of cascades of elastic

Re-evaluation of neutron displacement cross sections for silicon carbide by a Monte Carlo approach

Neutron displacement cross sections for SiC are re-evaluated by a Monte Carlo approach, with damage energies of primary recoils calculated by the stopping and range of ions in matter (SRIM) code. The

Evaluation of tungsten as divertor plasma-facing material: results from ion irradiation experiments and computer simulations

The effect of the primary knock-on atom (PKA) spectrum in radiation damage and the subsequent defect structure formation and their impact in deuterium (D) trapping has been investigated using

Calculation of the damage and the H and He productions for 14.1-MeV neutrons

The interactions of 14.1-MeV neutrons from nuclear fusion reactions with a pfc (plasma facing component) are analyzed using the MCNPX/SPECTER code system. The dpa (displacement per atom) values in

Development of calculation methods to analyze radiation damage, nuclide production and energy deposition in ADS materials and nuclear data evaluation

A method of the evaluation of the defect production rate in metals irradiated with neutrons in various power units has been proposed. The method is based on the calculation of the radiation damage

Relativistic effect on two-body reaction inducing atomic displacement