SOX7 and SOX18 are essential for cardiogenesis in Xenopus.

  title={SOX7 and SOX18 are essential for cardiogenesis in Xenopus.},
  author={Chi Zhang and Tamara Basta and Michael W Klymkowsky},
  journal={Developmental dynamics : an official publication of the American Association of Anatomists},
  volume={234 4},
Early in vertebrate development, endodermal signals act on mesoderm to induce cardiogenesis. The F-type SOXs SOX7 and SOX18beta are expressed in the cardiogenic region of the early Xenopus embryo. Injection of RNAs encoding SOX7 or SOX18beta, but not the related F-type SOX, SOX17, leads to the nodal-dependent expression of markers of cardiogenesis in animal cap explants. Injection of morpholinos directed against either SOX7 or SOX18mRNAs lead to a partial inhibition of cardiogenesis in vivo… CONTINUE READING

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