SOX10 mutations in patients with Waardenburg-Hirschsprung disease

  title={SOX10 mutations in patients with Waardenburg-Hirschsprung disease},
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  journal={Nature Genetics},
  • V. Pingault, N. Bondurand, +15 authors M. Goossens
  • Published 1998
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Nature Genetics
  • Waardenburg syndrome (WS; deafness with pigmentary abnormalities) and Hirschsprung's disease (HSCR; aganglionic megacolon) are congenital disorders caused by defective function of the embryonic neural crest1,2. WS and HSCR are associated in patients with Waardenburg-Shah syndrome (WS4), whose symptoms are reminiscent of the white coat-spotting and aganglionic megacolon displayed by the mouse mutants Dom (Dominant megacolon), piebald-lethal (sl) and lethal spotting (Is). The sl and Is phenotypes… CONTINUE READING
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    Novel mutations of SOX10 suggest a dominant negative role in Waardenburg-Shah syndrome
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    Shah-Waardenburg syndrome and PCWH associated with SOX10 mutations: a case report and review of the literature.
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    A de novo SOX10 mutation in a patient with Waardenburg syndrome type IV.
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    Waardenburg syndrome type 4: Report of two new cases caused by SOX10 mutations in Spain
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    Neurological phenotype in Waardenburg syndrome type 4 correlates with novel SOX10 truncating mutations and expression in developing brain.
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    Deletions at the SOX10 gene locus cause Waardenburg syndrome types 2 and 4.
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    Deletions at the SOX 10 Gene Locus Cause Waardenburg Syndrome Types 2 and 4
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    Identification and functional analysis of SOX10 missense mutations in different subtypes of waardenburg syndrome
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    Mutations in Hirschsprung Disease: When Does a Mutation Contribute to the Phenotype
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