SOS involvement in stress-inducible biofilm formation.

  title={SOS involvement in stress-inducible biofilm formation.},
  author={Hideo Gotoh and Nagarjun Kasaraneni and Navya Devineni and Shatha F. Dallo and Tao Weitao},
  volume={26 5},
Bacterial biofilm formation can be induced by antimicrobial and DNA damage agents. These agents trigger the SOS response, in which SOS sensor RecA stimulates auto-cleavage of repressor LexA. These observations lead to a hypothesis of a connection between stress-inducible biofilm formation and the RecA-LexA interplay. To test this hypothesis, three biofilm assays were conducted, viz. the standard 96-well assay, confocal laser scanning microscopy, and the newly developed biofilm-on-paper assay… CONTINUE READING


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