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  author={T. Rajasekhar and Dr.K.Prahalada Rao},
The System is designed for LED based street lights with an auto intensity control that uses solar power from photovoltaic cells. Photovoltaic panels are used for charging batteries by converting the sunlight into electricity. It is interfaced with LDR for precise switching operation. The Intensity of street lights is required to be kept high during the peak hours. As the traffic on the roads tends to decrease slowly in late nights, the intensity can be reduced progressively till morning to save… 

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Advance Solar Power LED Street Lighting With Auto Intensity Control
The project research is designed based on advance light emitting diodes (LED) street lighting with an auto-intensity control that uses solar power due to photovoltaic effect that convert light energy to electrical energy, and tries to measure the solar cell limitation.
Intensity controller of LED street lights
A intensity controller system is discussed, which solves the problem of power loss in street lights and is tested on a comparison basis with other proposed and existing system in order to conclude the better results among them.
Implementation of Solar Based Intelligent Street Light Control System using IoT
Now-a-days the amount of power consumed by lighting and streets shares a major energy demand. The vehicles are passing over always and a part of places will be consisting of less density areas and
Automatic Street Light Control by Detecting Vehicle Movement
The proposed work is to have two controls like, to switch of lights during no vehicle moments in streets and automatically switch it on when vehicles arrive and the other modes are to give less intensity light for pedestrian and to switch on bright mode during vehicle moments at sides on the roads.
An Automated Light Control with Voltage Triggered Sensing and Monitoring Objects Using Arduino
An automation project based on Arduino to monitor and control the cinema hall indoor lighting based on the identification of designed sensor which detects the change in desired voltage based on voltage and time parameters is presented.
An Automation System for Controlling Streetlights and Monitoring Objects Using Arduino
An Arduino-based automation system to control the streetlights based on solar rays and object’s detection, which can be easily tested and implemented under real conditions at large-scale in the near future.
Video-Based Parking Occupancy Detection for Smart Control System
This study uses the Jetson TX2 to develop a method that can accurately identify street parking occupancy and control streetlights to assist occupancy detection, thereby reducing costs, and can adapt to various weather conditions.
Design and Implementation of User-Friendly and Low-Cost Multiple-Application System for Smart City Using Microcontrollers
Our proposed system has seven main contributions, i.e., Smart street lights, Smart home, Bio-metric door and home security system, Intelligent traffic lights management and road security system,
Automatic Motion Triggered Street Light Using IoT
Smart Street light is a computerized methodology that mechanizes the road path that decreasing force utilization when are vehicles are not there and the power will stay diminish.
Design and Power Quality Analysis of Solar LED Tower
Solar energy is clean energy. It is available in free and huge amount. Solar energy does not produce any harmful gases like other electrical power generation plant (Thermal Power Plant). The solar


Design and Implementation of CPLD based Solar Power Saving System for Street Lights and Automatic Traffic Controller
An attempt is made to implement the solar power saver system for street lights and automatic traffic control unit that not only saves the power rather it reduces the usage of conventional energy.
Design and Construction of Microcontroller Based Charge Controller for Photovoltaic Application
A microcontroller based charge controller using PWM (pulse width modulation) technique employed by the PIC16F877 microcontroller to charge a 12V battery using 80W solar panel is described.
A Sensor-Less and Energy Efficient StreetLight Control System
The main idea is to provide an alternative to LDR and Hardware timer based street light control systems which have reliability and efficiency related issues.
Intelligent Street Lighting System Using Gsm
The purpose of this work is to describe the Intelligent Street Lighting (ISL) system, a first approach to accomplish the demand for flexible public lighting systems.
E – Street: LED Powered Intelligent Street Lighting System with Automatic Brightness Adjustment Based On Climatic Conditions and Vehicle Movements
A remote streetlight monitoring and controlling system based on LED and wireless sensor network which has auto-alarm function which will set off if any light is damaged and will show the serial number of the damaged light, thus it is easy to be found and repaired the damagedLight.
Kapse Sagar Sudhakar 1 , Abhale Amol Anil 2 , Kudake chetan Ashok 3 , Shirsath Shravan Bhaskar , “ Automatic Street Light Control System
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