SOFC-type microreactors that generate hydrogen for PEFC applications

  title={SOFC-type microreactors that generate hydrogen for PEFC applications},
  author={Atsuko Tomita and Daisuke Hirabayashi and Masahiro Nagao and Mitsuru. Sano and Takashi Hibino},
Abstract A fuel cell-type microreactor that generates both hydrogen and electrical power from dry butane around 700 °C is presented for polymer–electrolyte fuel cell (PEFC) applications. To demonstrate this concept, solid–oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) with different Fe 2 O 3 -based anodes were fabricated, and their performances were evaluated. A Fe 2 O 3 /Cr 2 O 3 composite anode met this criterion the most; hydrogen was produced with increasing current density; CO 2 /CO concentration ratios in the… CONTINUE READING

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