SO3H-functionalized ionic liquid: efficient catalyst for bagasse liquefaction.

  title={SO3H-functionalized ionic liquid: efficient catalyst for bagasse liquefaction.},
  author={Jinxing Long and B. F. Guo and Junjiang Teng and Yinghao Yu and Lefu Wang and Xuehui Li},
  journal={Bioresource technology},
  volume={102 21},
Liquefaction is a process for the production of biofuel or value-added biochemicals from non-food biomass. SO(3)H-, COOH-functionalized and HSO(4)-paired imidazolium ionic liquids were shown to be efficient catalysts for bagasse liquefaction in hot compressed water. Using SO(3)H-functionalized ionic liquid, 96.1% of bagasse was liquefied and 50.6% was selectively converted to low-boiling biochemicals at 543 K. The degree of liquefaction and selectivity for low-boiling products increased and the… CONTINUE READING