SNX-325, a novel calcium antagonist from the spider Segestria florentina.

  title={SNX-325, a novel calcium antagonist from the spider Segestria florentina.},
  author={Robert Newcomb and Andrew L. Palma and Jack J. Fox and Suneel Gaur and K F Lau and D D Chung and Rongjuan Cong and James R G Bell and Barry Horne and L{\'a}szl{\'o} N{\'a}dasdi},
  volume={34 26},
A novel selective calcium channel antagonist peptide, SNX-325, has been isolated from the venom of the spider Segestria florentina. The peptide was isolated using as bioassays the displacement of radioiodinated omega-conopeptide SNX-230 (MVIIC) from rat brain synaptosomal membranes, as well as the inhibition of the barium current through cloned expressed calcium channels in oocytes. The primary sequence of SNX-325 is GSCIESGKSCTHSRSMKNGLCCPKSRCNCRQIQHRHDYLGKRKYSCRCS, which is a novel amino acid… CONTINUE READING