SNOMED CT – should Sweden join now or wait ?


The National Board of Health and Welfare categorises its publications according to document type. This is a Status Report. This means that it contains a report and an analysis of surveys and other means of following up legislation, activities, resources and so on which municipal authorities , county councils and individual principals utilise and pursue within the health service, social services, health protection and infectious disease control. It could constitute a basis for decisions reached by the Board and could form part of a more extensive follow-up and evaluation of, for example, reforms and allocation of stimulation funds. The National Board of Health and Welfare is responsible for the contents and conclusions. Foreword Almost 40 years have passed since the first computer systems came into use in the health service. Both then and now it is the art of describing the content of the health service system that accounts for a great deal of the development work. The focus of development work during the 21st century has been on patient safety, compatible data and communication between computers. These are areas in which it is assumed that there are national definitions and agreements regarding concepts, terminology and information structure, i.e. the core of all computer systems. Although there are several excellent dictionaries with medical terminology there has not been any equivalent for use in computer systems. Global-isation also means that concepts, terms and information structure should be harmonised with other languages. A British-American concept system, SNOMED CT, is the most complete system available today. Should Sweden be involved in the future development of this concept system? This status report contains a summary of the documentation to be found in SNOMED CT, interviews with some of the organisations and persons who have exerted pressure to induce the National Board of Health and Welfare to accept responsibility in this matter as well as the considerations of the working group that was appointed. The assignment coordinator was Lotta Holm Sjögren, project manager, Carelink. The material for the report was produced by Anna Vikström, doc

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