SN 2012fr: Ultraviolet, Optical, and Near-infrared Light Curves of a Type Ia Supernova Observed within a Day of Explosion

  title={SN 2012fr: Ultraviolet, Optical, and Near-infrared Light Curves of a Type Ia Supernova Observed within a Day of Explosion},
  author={C Contreras and Mark M. Phillips and Christopher R. Burns and Anthony L. Piro and B J Shappee and Maximilian D. Stritzinger and Charles Baltay and Peter J. Brown and E. Conseil and Alain Klotz and P E Nugent and Damien Turpin and Stu Parker and David L. Rabinowitz and Eric Y. Hsiao and N Morrell and Abdo Campillay and Sergio Castell'on and Carlos Corco and Consuelo Gonz{\'a}lez and Kevin Krisciunas and Jacqueline Ser'on and Brad E. Tucker and Emma S. Walker and Eddie Baron and Chelsea Cain and M. Jean Childress and Gast'on Folatelli and Wendy Laurel Freedman and Mario Hamuy and Peter Hoeflich and Sven Eric Persson and Richard Scalzo and Brian Schmidt and Nicholas B. Suntzeff},
  journal={The Astrophysical Journal},
  • C Contreras, Mark M. Phillips, +32 authors Nicholas B. Suntzeff
  • Published 2018
  • Physics
  • The Astrophysical Journal
  • Author(s): Contreras, C; Phillips, MM; Burns, CR; Piro, AL; Shappee, BJ; Stritzinger, MD; Baltay, C; Brown, PJ; Conseil, E; Klotz, A; Nugent, PE; Turpin, D; Parker, S; Rabinowitz, D; Hsiao, EY; Morrell, N; Campillay, A; Castellon, S; Corco, C; Gonzalez, C; Krisciunas, K; Seron, J; Tucker, BE; Walker, ES; Baron, E; Cain, C; Childress, MJ; Folatelli, G; Freedman, WL; Hamuy, M; Hoeflich, P; Persson, SE; Scalzo, R; Schmidt, B; Suntzeff, NB | Abstract: © 2018. The American Astronomical Society. All… CONTINUE READING


    Publications referenced by this paper.

    1.— Swope telescope color image of NGC 1365 with local sequence stars and SN 2012fr indicated

    • E Fig
    • 2012

    The abscissa is corrected for time dilation

    • spectrophotometry of Pereira
    • 2013

    UV, optical and NIR light curves of SN 2012fr. For the Swift UV bands, the error bars are omitted for clarity; for the optical and NIR bands, the size of the error bars are smaller than the symbols

    • H Fig
    • 2012

    The S-correction values were applied as: XRetrocam = XFourstar+S-corr. The phase was computed relative to tBmax = JD 2456243.1 and rounded to match the phases

    • Hsiao
    • 2007

    filter functions and Smith et al. (2002) standard magnitudes to obtain photometric zeropoints

    • Fukugita
    • 1996