SMR-Speller: A novel Brain-Computer Interface spell paradigm

  title={SMR-Speller: A novel Brain-Computer Interface spell paradigm},
  author={Jingwei Yue and Jun Jiang and Zongtan Zhou and Dewen Hu},
  journal={2011 3rd International Conference on Computer Research and Development},
P300-Speller is a typical Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) application, which aimed to construct a direct communication pathway between human brain and computer. Its performance declines as time goes by. And it can cause uncomfortable visual fatigue which makes it not adequate for longtime use. In this paper, we present a novel mental speller paradigm, Sensorimotor Rhythms Speller (SMR-Speller), in which four Motor Imagery (MI) potentials are translated into four move commands, respectively, to… CONTINUE READING