SMASH: Structured matrix approximation by separation and hierarchy

  title={SMASH: Structured matrix approximation by separation and hierarchy},
  author={Difeng Cai and E. Chow and Lucas Erlandson and Y. Saad and Yuanzhe Xi},
  journal={Numer. Linear Algebra Appl.},
  • Difeng Cai, E. Chow, +2 authors Yuanzhe Xi
  • Published 2018
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Numer. Linear Algebra Appl.
  • This paper presents an efficient method to perform Structured Matrix Approximation by Separation and Hierarchy (SMASH), when the original dense matrix is associated with a kernel function. Given points in a domain, a tree structure is first constructed based on an adaptive partitioning of the computational domain to facilitate subsequent approximation procedures. In contrast to existing schemes based on either analytic or purely algebraic approximations, SMASH takes advantage of both approaches… CONTINUE READING
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