SMACK+Corral: A Modular Verifier - (Competition Contribution)

  title={SMACK+Corral: A Modular Verifier - (Competition Contribution)},
  author={Arvind Haran and Montgomery Carter and Michael Emmi and Akash Lal and Shaz Qadeer and Zvonimir Rakamaric},
SMACK and Corral are two components of a modular toolchain for verifying C programs. Together they exploit state-of-the-art compiler technologies and theorem provers to simplify and dispatch verification conditions. 1 Verification Approach SMACK [3] is a translator from the LLVM compiler’s intermediate representation (IR) into the Boogie intermediate verification language (IVL) [1]. Sourcing LLVM exploits a number of frontends, optimizations, and analyses. Targeting Boogie exploits a canonical… CONTINUE READING
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