SLIT2-mediated ROBO2 signaling restricts kidney induction to a single site.

  title={SLIT2-mediated ROBO2 signaling restricts kidney induction to a single site.},
  author={Uta Grieshammer and Le Ma and Andrew S. Plump and Fan Wang and Marc Tessier-Lavigne and Gail R. Martin},
  journal={Developmental cell},
  volume={6 5},
Kidney development occurs in a stereotypic position along the body axis. It begins when a single ureteric bud emerges from the nephric duct in response to GDNF secreted by the adjacent nephrogenic mesenchyme. Posterior restriction of Gdnf expression is considered critical for correct positioning of ureteric bud development. Here we show that mouse mutants lacking either SLIT2 or its receptor ROBO2, molecules known primarily for their function in axon guidance and cell migration, develop… CONTINUE READING
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