SLC13 family of Na⁺-coupled di- and tri-carboxylate/sulfate transporters.

  title={SLC13 family of Na⁺-coupled di- and tri-carboxylate/sulfate transporters.},
  author={Marc J. Bergeron and Benjamin Cl{\'e}mençon and Matthias A. Hediger and Daniel Markovich},
  journal={Molecular aspects of medicine},
  volume={34 2-3},
The SLC13 family comprises five genes (SLC13A1, SLC13A2, SLC13A3, SLC13A4, and SLC13A5) encoding structurally related multi-spanning transporters (8-13 transmembrane domains) with orthologues found in prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Mammalian SLC13 members mediate the electrogenic Na(+)-coupled anion cotransport at the plasma membrane of epithelial cells (mainly kidney, small intestine, placenta and liver) or cells of the central nervous system. While the two SLC13 cotransporters NaS1 (SLC13A1) and… CONTINUE READING
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