SLAC wrist in the absence of recognised trauma and CPPD.

  title={SLAC wrist in the absence of recognised trauma and CPPD.},
  author={J Whitcomb Pollock and Alan A Giachino and Kawan S. Rakhra and Gina Diprimio and Heather Hrushowy and Anna F Conway and M Andreyechen},
  journal={Hand surgery : an international journal devoted to hand and upper limb surgery and related research : journal of the Asia-Pacific Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand},
  volume={15 3},
PURPOSE This comparative cohort study was designed to determine whether non-traumatic SLAC wrist exists, and is associated with abnormal carpal bone kinematics (specifically, decreased lunate flexion). METHODS SLAC patients with no recognised history of upper extremity trauma were prospectively compared with an age-matched control group. RESULTS Thirty-five subjects (69 wrists), included 33 non-traumatic SLAC wrists and 36 control wrists. The non-traumatic SLAC group had significantly… CONTINUE READING

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