SKI knockdown inhibits human melanoma tumor growth in vivo.

  title={SKI knockdown inhibits human melanoma tumor growth in vivo.},
  author={Dahu Chen and Qiushi Lin and Neil F. Box and Dennis R. Roop and Shunsuke Ishii and Koichi Matsuzaki and Tao Fan and Thomas J. Hornyak and Jon Reed and Ed Stavnezer and Nikolai A. Timchenko and Estela E. Medrano},
  journal={Pigment cell & melanoma research},
  volume={22 6},
The SKI protein represses the TGF-beta tumor suppressor pathway by associating with the Smad transcription factors. SKI is upregulated in human malignant melanoma tumors in a disease-progression manner and its overexpression promotes proliferation and migration of melanoma cells in vitro. The mechanisms by which SKI antagonizes TGF-beta signaling in vivo have not been fully elucidated. Here we show that human melanoma cells in which endogenous SKI expression was knocked down by RNAi produced… CONTINUE READING

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