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SKAO HI Intensity Mapping: Blind Foreground Subtraction Challenge

  title={SKAO HI Intensity Mapping: Blind Foreground Subtraction Challenge},
  author={Marta Spinelli and Isabella P. Carucci and Steven Cunnington and Stuart Harper and Melis O. Irfan and Jos{\'e} Fonseca and Alkistis Pourtsidou and Laura Wolz},
Neutral Hydrogen Intensity Mapping (Hi IM) surveys will be a powerful new probe of cosmology. However, strong astrophysical foregrounds contaminate the signal and their coupling with instrumental systematics further increases the data cleaning complexity. In this work, we simulate a realistic single-dish Hi IM survey of a 5000 deg2 patch in the 950 − 1400 MHz range, with both the MID telescope of the SKA Observatory (SKAO) and MeerKAT, its precursor. We include a state-of-the-art Hi simulations… Expand


Dark Energy Survey Year 3 Results: High-precision measurement and modeling of galaxy-galaxy lensing
J. Prat,1, 2, ∗ J. Blazek,3, 4 C. Sánchez,5 I. Tutusaus,6, 7 S. Pandey,5 J. Elvin-Poole,8, 9 E. Krause,10 M. A. Troxel,11 L. F. Secco,5, 2 A. Amon,12 J. DeRose,13 G. Zacharegkas,2 C. Chang,1, 2 B.Expand
Tools Of Radio Astronomy
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Ground-based and Airborne Telescopes VII
Cooperating Organizations American Astronomical Society (United States) • Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy (ASTRON) (Netherlands) • Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation (United States)Expand
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