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SISIS ABSTRACT The present paper examines how representations of prospective use

  title={SISIS ABSTRACT The present paper examines how representations of prospective use},
  author={S. Hyysalo},
became designed in a novel healthcare technology for elderly people. The case lends support to studies arguing that explicit investigations provide only a part of the representations of prospective use for technology design. It draws attention to a source of representations of use that is at once obvious and under-explored: the professional traditions of developers of technology. To examine this, the concept of practice-bound imaginary is introduced as an alternative to existing terms, such as… Expand


Located Accountabilities in Technology Production
  • L. Suchman
  • Sociology, Computer Science
  • Scand. J. Inf. Syst.
  • 2002
The relevance of recent feminist reconstructions of objectivity for the development of alternative practices of technology production and use is explored and three contrasting positions for design are discussed as alternative bases for a politics of professional design practice. Expand
Some Problems in the Traditional Approaches to Predicting the Use of a Technology-driven Invention
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Making Expansive Decisions: An Activity-Theoretical Study of Practitioners Building Collaborative Medical Care for Children
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Design at work: cooperative design of computer systems
Contents: J. Greenbaum, M. Kyng, Preface: Memories of the Past. J. Greenbaum, M. Kyng, Introduction: Situated Design. Part I:Reflecting on Work Practice. L. Bannon, From Human Factors to HumanExpand
Activity theory as a framework for analyzing and redesigning work.
Cultural-historical activity theory is a new framework aimed at transcending the dichotomies of micro- and macro-, mental and material, observation and intervention in analysis and redesign of work, and finds from a longitudinal intervention study of children's medical care illuminate the theoretical arguments. Expand
The Social Construction of Facts and Artefacts: or How the Sociology of Science and the Sociology of Technology might Benefit Each Other
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