title={SIR PETER MEDAWAR 1915–1987},
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  • Biology, Medicine
  • Immunological Reviews
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Hyalin is a cell adhesion molecule involved in mediating archenteron-blastocoel roof attachment.
This is the first demonstration that suggests that hyalin functions as a cell adhesion molecule in many organisms, including human, after being identified in organisms as diverse as bacteria, worms, flies, mice, sea urchins and humans. Expand
Approaches to the treatment of central nervous system autoimmune disease using specific neuroantigen
Any treatment strategy for multiple sclerosis must have a number of features: it must be clinically acceptable, specific, long‐lasting, require only short‐term treatment, able to shut off ongoing disease, and have the potential to prevent or deal with epitope spreading. Expand
Introduction: Speculations Concerning the Origins of the Self
Defining the operative ideology of the biological sciences is in the midst of re-assessment. Confidence in the chemo-mechanical reductive model is in continued debate, and the issue appears to focusExpand
Evolutions of the Immune System
The immune system with what the authors know of its genetic multiplicity is going to be a complex evolving unit with probably an enormous amount of flexibility enabling some of its elements to evolve in a few generations perhaps as fast as in the history of the species, not to mention its somatic evolution during ontogeny. Expand