SINAI-EMMA: Vectores de Palabras para el Análisis de Opiniones en Twitter

  title={SINAI-EMMA: Vectores de Palabras para el An{\'a}lisis de Opiniones en Twitter},
  author={Eugenio Mart{\'i}nez-C{\'a}mara and Miguel {\'A}ngel Garc{\'i}a Cumbreras and Mar{\'i}a Teresa Mart{\'i}n-Valdivia and Luis Alfonso Ure{\~n}a L{\'o}pez},
In this work, a polarity classification system is developed for the task 1 of workshop TASS 2015 by the SINAI-EMMA team. Our system takes advantage of 5 linguistic resources for building vectors of words. The results encourage us to continue studying the contribution of vectors of words to Sentiment Analysis.