SIL International: An emic view

  title={SIL International: An emic view},
  author={Kenneth S. Olson},
  pages={646 - 646-658}

Tales from the Land of Magic Plants: Textual Ideologies and Fetishes of Indigeneity in Mexico's Sierra Mazateca

  • Paja Faudree
  • Sociology
    Comparative Studies in Society and History
  • 2015
Abstract Anthropology and other disciplines are engaged in an extended conversation about how to understand the dynamics of global interconnection. One dominant approach stresses political economies

Organization of Knowledge and Information in Digital Archives of Language Materials

Abstract Language archives are repositories of language data: material about or in a set of languages, including audio and video recordings, transcriptions, translations, and linguistic annotations.

Discourses of speakerhood in Iyasa: Linguistic identity and authenticity in an endangered language

Within most subfields of linguistics, the term “speaker” is often used in a shorthand, nonspecific way. In referring simply to“speakers”of endangered languages, the nuances of proficiency, language

Reading paratexts in missionary linguistic works: an analysis of the preface to the Holy Ghost Fathers’ (1855) Dictionnaire français-wolof et wolof-français

Abstract In this paper, I apply Gérard Genette’s (1987) concept of paratexts to an analysis of prefaces from different dictionary-grammars of Niger-Congo languages, written by French Catholic

The online linguistic database : software for linguistic fieldwork

This dissertation describes and evaluates a piece of software designed to facilitate new, and enhance existing, collaboration, documentation, and analysis, and argues for the value of a certain methodological approach to linguistics broadly construed, one in which computation is key and where provisions are made for collaboration, data-sharing and data reuse.

The language codes of ISO 639: A premature, ultimately unobtainable, and possibly damaging standardization

• ambitious attempt to catalogue and standardize various types of references to the languages of the world • aims to facilitate precise reference to languages, language groups, and language

The History of Linguistic Fieldwork

A full-fledged history of linguistic fieldwork would be an interesting subtopic within the history of linguistics, and would also be relevant to the history of ethnography, the history of European

Fieldwork Ethics: The Rights and Responsibilities of the Fieldworker

There has been a great deal of discussion in recent years on the responsibilities of the fieldworker with respect to the community whose language is being studied. As Dwyer (2006:50) puts it, “The