SIGPLAN research highlights annual report


Since 2008, SIGPLAN has selected high quality papers appearing in its sponsored conferences that have broad appeal. These SIGPLAN Research Highlights are recognized at the SIGPLAN Research Highlight website [1]. These papers are also recommended for consideration to ACM CACM for the CACM Research Highlights section. If selected for CACM, authors typically expand their conference papers to appeal to the broad CACM readership. The resulting article is preceded by a “Technical Perspective,” written by an expert in the field, to convey the significance of the work. SIGPLAN Research Highlights are chosen by a committee designed to cover the broad range of SIGPLAN conferences. The committee is chaired by a member of the SIGPLAN EC and includes representatives from all of SIGPLAN’s sponsored conferences, the current SIGPLAN chair, and the past SIGPLAN chair. The current committee is • Steve Blackburn (PLDI) • Hans Boehm (PPoPP, VEE, ISMM) • Robby Findler (ICFP) • Michael Hind, Chair (SIGPLAN EC) • Andres Loeh (PPDP, GPCE, Haskell) • Jens Palsberg (POPL) • Cristina Videira Lopes (OOPSLA) • Jan Vitek (SIGPLAN Chair) • Philip Wadler (Past SIGPLAN Chair) • Ben Zorn (LCTES, ASPLOS, CGO)

DOI: 10.1145/2641638.2641646

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