SHOG - Spherical HOG Descriptors for Rotation Invariant 3D Object Detection

  title={SHOG - Spherical HOG Descriptors for Rotation Invariant 3D Object Detection},
  author={H. Skibbe and M. Reisert and H. Burkhardt},
  • H. Skibbe, M. Reisert, H. Burkhardt
  • Published in DAGM-Symposium 2011
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • We present a method for densely computing local spherical histograms of oriented gradients (SHOG) in volumetric images. The descriptors are based on the continuous representation of the orientation histograms in the harmonic domain, which we compute very efficiently via spherical tensor products and the Fast Fourier Transformation. Building upon these local spherical histogram representations, we utilize the Harmonic Filter to create a generic rotation invariant object detection system that… CONTINUE READING
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