SHEF-NN: Translation Quality Estimation with Neural Networks

  title={SHEF-NN: Translation Quality Estimation with Neural Networks},
  author={Kashif Shah and Varvara Logacheva and Gustavo Paetzold and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Blain and Daniel Edward Robert Beck and Fethi Bougares and Lucia Specia},
We describe our systems for Tasks 1 and 2 of the WMT15 Shared Task on Quality Estimation. Our submissions use (i) a continuous space language model to extract additional features for Task 1 (SHEFGP, SHEF-SVM), (ii) a continuous bagof-words model to produce word embeddings as features for Task 2 (SHEF-W2V) and (iii) a combination of features produced by QuEst++ and a feature produced with word embedding models (SHEFQuEst++). Our systems outperform the baseline as well as many other submissions… CONTINUE READING
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