SHAH: Hash Function based on Irregularly Decimated Chaotic Map

  title={SHAH: Hash Function based on Irregularly Decimated Chaotic Map},
  author={Mihaela Todorova and Borislav Stoyanov and Krzysztof Szczypiorski and Krasimir Kordov},
In this paper, we propose a novel hash function based on irregularly decimated chaotic map. The hash function called SHAH is based on two Tinkerbell maps filtered with irregular decimation rule. Exact study has been provided on the novel scheme using distribution analysis, sensitivity analysis, static analysis of diffusion and confusion, and collision analysis. The experimental data show that SHAH satisfied admirable level of security. 
BentSign: keyed hash algorithm based on bent Boolean function and chaotic attractor
The provided theoretical and experimental results confirm that the novel scheme can generate output hashes with a good level of security, collision resistance, and protection against most common attacks.
Hash Hardware Generator Based on Mutual Perturbed Logistic Map
  • Yuling LuoShuming HanJunxiu LiuZhewei LiangSu Yang
  • Computer Science
    2019 IEEE 21st International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications; IEEE 17th International Conference on Smart City; IEEE 5th International Conference on Data Science and Systems (HPCC/SmartCity/DSS)
  • 2019
Experimental results show that the proposed hash generator has a lower resource occupation than existing hash hardware systems on FPGAs, and can be used for real applications, especially for these with low resource usage requirements.
A Novel Dynamic Mathematical Model Applied in Hash Function Based on DNA Algorithm and Chaotic Maps
This paper aims to improve SHA-512 security without increasing complexity; therefore, it focused on hash functions depending on DNA sequences and chaotic maps, and the modification of original hash buffer values and additive constants Kt is proposed.
A New Hash Function Based on Chaotic Maps and Deterministic Finite State Automata
Results indicate that the proposed hash function has desirable statistical characteristics, elevated randomness, optimal diffusion and confusion properties as well as flexibility.
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The proposed hash scheme is simple and efficient compared with the existing hash functions, making it viable for practical implementation and high sensitivity to the original message, the secret key and images, along with strong collision resistance.
Construction and Analysis of SHA-256 Compression Function Based on Chaos S-Box
The proposed compression function construction scheme can effectively improve the collision resistance of the SHA-256 Hash Algorithm and enhance the stability of confusion and diffusion with fewer cryptographic components and lower operational consumption to provide more reliable security guarantee for its application.
A Novel Hash Function Based on a Chaotic Sponge and DNA Sequence
The proposed hash function can also extend the provably secure notions of the sponge construction, specifically the indifferentiability from random oracles, and has a high level of performance as compared to other chaos-based hash functions.
Steganographic algorithm based on chaotic random system on Raspberry Pi hardware
It is proved that the novel steganographic algorithm shows good statistical results and is based on a least significant bit method and a chaotic random system.
This algorithm has a sponge construction as such as SHA-3 and the obtained results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm exhibit high sensitivity to input changes.
Double Ikeda map as a source of pseudorandom numbers
The result proves that the generated bytes have excellent characteristics of pseudorandomness and resistance to different statistical attacks.


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An algorithm for one-way hash function construction based on the chaotic look-up table with changeable parameter that satisfies sensitive requirements and can resist all kinds of attacks.
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A chaos-based cryptographic hash function is proposed for message authentication where a fixed length message digest can be generated from any messages with arbitrary length and the hash value appears randomly without any correlation with the message or the key.
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Empirical results verify the high sensitivity of the proposed hash function to the input message and the secret key and compared with existing schemes, especially those based on chaotic maps, the proposed scheme is shown to have superior performance.