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SERSC Impact of Pervasive Computing in Education

  title={SERSC Impact of Pervasive Computing in Education},
  author={Jasmine Norman},
  • J. Norman
  • Published 2013
  • Computer Science, Education
Pervasive computing has greater influence in different domains on both local and global scenarios. It is important for researchers to identify the challenges, rewards, goals, and methods of developing these technologies in different domains to fully aware of its potential. Pervasive computing would take away the boundaries in computing and ultimately, benefit the whole society. Just as a smart car or a smart home or a smart classroom, it should not be hard to anticipate a smart student or a… 

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A Pervasive Computing Platform for Individualized Higher Education

  • A. HursonS. Sedigh
  • Computer Science, Education
    2009 International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Software Engineering
  • 2009
The platform aims to achieve a virtual one-to-one student/faculty ratio for the purposes of mentoring, advising, guiding, and educating students.

The Design of Ubiquitous Learning Environment Supported by Pervasive Computing

The meaning and theoretical foundation of ubiquitous learning is analyzed, and the function and component of ubiquitouslearning environment which is to construct integrated learning environment, bring everywhere learning to learner is discussed.

Introducing pervasive computing to society

It is argued that for the vision of truly pervasive systems to be realised, better understandings of and design methodologies for large-scale pervasive systems and the societal challenges that they will entail must be developed.

Using Pervasive Computing to Deliver Elder Care

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    IEEE Pervasive Comput.
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The Elite Care Information Technology Group has deployed a system with many elements of pervasive computing, including portable and wearable devices and wireless networking, to create intelligent and

Pervasive Computing: A Paradigm for the 21st Century

Pervasive computing is close to technical and economic viability, and a computing environment is an information-enhanced physical space, not a virtual environment that exists to store and run software.

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A model of how pervasive systems can influence human behavior, social attributions, and interaction outcomes is proposed and some implications for system design are discussed.

Pervasive computing: vision and challenges

The relationship of this new field to its predecessors is examined: distributed systems and mobile computing, and four new research thrusts are identified: effective use of smart spaces, invisibility, localized scalability, and masking uneven conditioning.


This paper presents how ubiquitous computing theory can be applied in the health-care domain by combining micro-technological smart sensors with personalized, mobile computing systems.

Wearable systems for health care applications.

A broad overview of wearable technology and its implications for health related applications and how specific properties of wearable systems can be used in different health related application domains is provided.

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The widescale deployment of wireless networks will improve communication among patients, physicians, and other healthcare worker, as well as enable the delivery of accurate medical information anytime anywhere, thereby reducing errors and improving access.