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SENSEI: Characterization of Single-Electron Events Using a Skipper-CCD

  title={SENSEI: Characterization of Single-Electron Events Using a Skipper-CCD},
  author={L. Barak and Itay M. Bloch and Ana Botti and Mariano Cababie and Gustavo Cancelo and Luke Chaplinsky and Fernando Chierchie and Michael Crisler and Alex Drlica-Wagner and Rouven Essig and Juan Estrada and Erez Etzion and Guillermo Fernandez Moroni and Daniel Gift and S. E. Holland and Sravan Munagavalasa and Aviv Orly and Dario Rodrigues and Aman Singal and Miguel Sofo Haro and Leandro Stefanazzi and Javier Tiffenberg and S Uemura and Tomer Volansky and Tien-Tien Yu},
The SENSEI Collaboration: Liron Barak, Itay M. Bloch, Ana Botti, 3 Mariano Cababie, 3, ∗ Gustavo Cancelo, Luke Chaplinsky, 5 Fernando Chierchie, Michael Crisler, Alex Drlica-Wagner, 6, 7 Rouven Essig, Juan Estrada, Erez Etzion, Guillermo Fernandez Moroni, Daniel Gift, 5 Sravan Munagavalasa, 5 Aviv Orly, Dario Rodrigues, 3 Aman Singal, Miguel Sofo Haro, 8 Leandro Stefanazzi, Javier Tiffenberg, Sho Uemura, Tomer Volansky, and Tien-Tien Yu School of Physics and Astronomy, Tel-Aviv University, Tel… Expand

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