SEGRAs: a novel class of anti-inflammatory compounds.

  title={SEGRAs: a novel class of anti-inflammatory compounds.},
  author={Heike Sch{\"a}cke and Hartwig H Hennekes and A Schottelius and Stefan Jaroch and Mark Lehmann and Norbert Schmees and Hartmut Rehwinkel and Khusru Asadullah},
  journal={Ernst Schering Research Foundation workshop},
Dissociated GCs show a separation between anti-inflammatory effects and certain side effects. This renders them as attractive compounds with better effect/side-effect profile as promising drug candidates and tool compounds for analyzing the molecular mechanisms of single side effects. A number of the GC-mediated side effects (e.g., osteoporosis, skin atrophy) are regulated in a very complex manner and use more than one molecular mechanism of the GR. Thus, theoretical predictions about the… CONTINUE READING

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